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The History behind Sierra Nevada Ballet

SNB Founding Director, Rosine Bena, was instrumental in the birth of dance events at Reno’s Wingfield Park in 1995/96 with “Ballet by the River”. This was the corner stone of the dance component part of what would later become Reno’s month long celebration of the arts, ARTOWN. Bena and the SNB Board saw a great need for quality dance productions and education in this community. The area had many dance schools but offered little opportunity for dancers to continue on in the professional arena. In March of 2001 Bena, and a group of dedicated and supportive dance devotees officially started Sierra Nevada Ballet.

SNB is made up of professional dancers from Nevada and from other areas of the country augmented by talented trainees and apprentices from the northern Nevada community.  SNB includes talented student dancers from the area in many productions that call for children’s roles.

SNB Director, Rosine Bena, is fully certified in the ABT national ballet curriculum and acts as one of the ABT ambassadors for the curriculum.

In 2010, she joined the ABT staff officially and was a master teacher at two of their 5 national summer ballet workshops. Bena directs the ballet program at WNPAC and it is the officially affiliated school of Sierra Nevada Ballet.

SNB has expanded it’s performance component to include performances throughout the year in Reno, Tahoe, Carson City and Virginia City with plans underway to include a small tour of rural Nevada. SNB performs annually as part of Reno’s ARTOWN Festival and the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival.

SNB’s Educational Component is made up of: a Trainee/Apprentice Program; an Educational Out Reach Program; a Dancing In The Schools Program; a Young Choreographer Program; Ballet Intensive Workshops and an Educational Lecture series.

SNB continues to expand to encourage a) talented students to remain in the area to pursue their careers and b) others to come to this area to take advantage of the cultural enrichment. SNB is dedicated to increasing audiences for dance through both education and exposure to high-caliber, entertaining programs designed to please all ages. Dance has something for everyone. SNB is determined to touch the hearts of our Reno/Tahoe/Carson population.