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Academy Schedule


4:30-5:30 Modern Buck Studio Jen August
5:30-6:45 Ballet III/IV Buck Studio Rosine Bena
6:45-7:45 Pointe II/III Buck Studio Rosine Bena


4:30-5:30  Contemporary Ballet Buck Studio  Rosine Bena
4:30-5:30 Breaking I Friends Studio Cristian Camacho
5:30-7:00 Adult Ballet I-III Buck Studio Rosine Bena
5:30-7:00 Breaking II Friends Studio Cristian Camacho


10:30-11:30 Adult Ballet II-IV Buck Studio Rosine Bena
4:00-5:15 Ballet III Buck Studio Rosine Bena
4:00-4:45 Primary Ballet Friends Studio Carlee Bertero
5:15-6:15 Stretch & Strengthen Buck Studio Rosine Bena
4:45-5:45 Ballet I Friends Studio Carlee Bertero
6:15-7:45 SNB Company/Ballet IV Buck Studio Rosine Bena


4:00-4:45 Primary Ballet Buck Studio Carlee Bertero
4:15-5:15 Urban Dance I Friends Studio Joanna Perez
5:30-6:30 Urban Dance II Friends Studio Joanna Perez
5:00-6:00 Ballet I Buck Studio Carlee Bertero
6:00-7:00  Ballet II Buck Studio  Carlee Bertero


10:30-11:00 Creating Tiny Dancers Friends Studio Carlee Bertero
10:30-11:30 **Adult Ballet** Buck Studio Rosine Bena
3:45-4:30 Creating Tiny Dancers Friends Studio Carlee Bertero
4:00-5:15 Ballet III/IV Buck Studio Rosine Bena
4:30-5:30 Ballet I/II Friends Studio Carlee Bertero
5:15-6:15 Pre Pointe/Pointe I Buck Studio Rosine Bena
7:15-9:00 SNB Co. Rehearsal Buck Studio Rosine Bena


9:30-10:00 Creating Tiny Dancers Friends Studio Carlee Bertero
10:30-12:00 SNB Co./Ballet IV Buck Studio Rosine Bena
1:00-5:30 SNB Company Rehearsal Buck Studio Rosine Bena

All Classes are subject to change

**Accepting enrollment – pending enrollment of 5 students.

Class Descriptions

Girls: Bring your father, brother, friend, husband and join in the fun!

Rosine Bena teaches basic partnering skills. Females must be level III ballet and up (Level II/III Pointe and up take this class en Pointe). Males do not need to have dance experience and may wear street clothing they can move in.

(6 levels) w/Ms. Rosine, Ms. Carlee, Ms. Shaynee

6 Levels of Ballet using the American Ballet Theatre Curriculum as in the individual level description.

(three levels) w/Ms. Rosine

Three levels of Pointe from Pre-Pointe/Pointe I to Pointe III

Invitation Only. Students will be reviewed individually in Pre-Pointe and invited to get Pointe shoes when they are ready upon the invitation of the instructor.

(ages 3-6)

Carlee Bertero shares the joy of movement with young children exploring creativity with body shapes, levels in space, floor patterns, rhythms and expression based on the curriculum of the well known creative movement master teacher and author of two books on creative movement, Mary Joyce.

Urban dance is a mixture of various styles of street and professional dance.

Dance Medicine Specialist and Physical Therapist, Carrie Cameron has joined with Rosine Bena to develop a special curriculum to train SNBA dancers to build core strength and stretch properly and safely using balls, bands and rollers.

A physically demanding dance form consisting of various movements and isolations from the ground up.  Class levels work through footwork, freezes, top rocks, base power, stalls, handstands, all power, combinations and cypher/battle training.

Coming in the fall with Jen Boyle August

Explore Modern/contemporary movement and choreography with Jennifer Boyle August.